AD: Kristen Wallace, Katie Greco

CW: Caroline Lancaster, MK Holladay,

Sydney Pellegrini, Vanessa Suarez

Hot dogs are one of the only foods made to be eaten with one hand.

So, this begs the question, what could you be doing with your other hand?

If you're standing on a bus you've got to hold onto something. We'll place hot dog handles on buses to show people they can accomplish something with their free hand. 

other hand.jpg
on the other hand-01.png

We'll use a revolving door to show the multitude of things you could be doing with your other hand.

revolve-mockup copy.jpg

Pop-up Pick-ups will be placed in convenient locations for customers to save time with a fast pick-up. We'll partner with the Waze app to guide customers through the quickest route.

pop 3.jpg

With the purchase of a hot dog at minor league baseball games, we will give customers a free foam finger so they can cheer on their team with one hand while enjoying their hot dog in the other hand.

foamfinger-both copy.png

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