When it's 4:08 am the morning of your portfolio review

and you can't sleep because

you're basically nocturnal now

from staying up so late every

night finishing everything so

you try to think of something interesting and witty to put on your "about me" page but then remember that you aren't that interesting or witty especially at 4:09 am and that this sentence is really long and should have probably ended a while ago but you keep it going in hopes that whoever is reading it will find it funny and now it's 4:15 am and you're wondering if you should just delete all of this and throw in some random fun facts and call it a day but then you remember again that there aren't that many fun facts about you so you've come full circle and decide just to go with it and now it's 4:27 am and you're realizing it has taken you almost 20 minutes to type all of this out and chances are no one will read it all the way through but if they do they must really like you or they're just wondering why someone would post such a long sentence about themself at 4:29 in the morning and you want to think of some great way to end this really long sentence but you can't and all your copywriters are asleep like normal humans so you give up and kind of just end it. 

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